Ichcha back to Bundela Parivar with her husband Veer Singh Bundela

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It is really fun watching the emotional melodrama happening in Uttaran. Sometimes it is very exciting while at other times the emotional distress happening in Uttaran bring tears to the eyes. Veer Singh Bundela i.e Vikas Bhalla after getting his lost memory back remembered Ichcha (Tina Dutta) and wanted her back in his life. But with the presence of Amla (Sonica Handa) in the house i.e Veer’s second wife would not make his dreams come true. Veer convinced Amla to leave the house, and promised that he will look after her and she can reach him whenever needed. Amla leaves the Bundela Parivar and her departure really bring tears to the eyes of viewers. Veer’s Mother is not happy with Amla’s decision.

Ichcha does not wants to go with Veer as Amla is in the house. But Veer convinces her and says Amla has left so that both of them (Veer and Ichcha) can be happy and live together. Ichcha is happy and so is her whole family, especially her mother (Vaishali Thakkar) and Mukta (Sreejita De). They prepare for Vidaai of Ichcha. She feels at the top of the world but is little stressed up about how Veer’s mother will react on her arrival in Bundela Parivar.

Tapasya (Rashami Desai) is preparing for welcoming Ichcha in Bundela Parivar. Veer welcomes Ichcha in her home and his life. The story of Uttaran is very inspiring the patience with which Tina Dutta handles Nani (Pratima Kazmi), her daughter Meethi and all other people when she is back from jail is worth applauding. Though it may be a Television serial but in daily life too we go through lots and lots of problems and if we handle them with a calm mind no one can anger us.

Rashami Desai had left the serial but her great comeback as Bundela Parivar bahu is really appreciable. She came back to prepare ground for bringing Ichcha back in Veer’s life and to bring back Veer’s Memory. She is not welcomed by Veer’s mother (Beena Banerjee) and is accused by her for coming back to bundela parivar. Rashami’s has a positive role to play now rather than a negative character which she played beforehand.

Rashami’s presence can be felt on the screen, the way she handles her second husband and Gunwanti ji. Tapasya ‘s character is strong this time and her comeback has made more people glued to colors channel at 10PM in the night. Rashami Desai had left Uttaran as she did not wanted to play role of a mother to a grown up child. She was also taking a break after marrying former Veer Singh Bundela (Nandish Sandhu).

We all know that Ichcha's entry into the house is not welcomed by Gunwanti ji so she will create problems for her and Tina Dutta has to fight for her survival in Bundela parivar. Uttaran story is taking a great turn first by bringing Rashami Desai back and then Tina Dutta back in Bundela parivar. It is a happy moment for Tina’s family but the happiness is not going to last longer as the story will take a deep curve and bring troubles in Meethi’s married life as Vishnu (Mrunal Jain) plays the role of villain who will marry Meethi to take revenge from Ichaha. Watch the twist in the tale and lets see how life will shape for both Ichcha and her daughter Meethi. Remain glued to the TV screens at 10PM in the night to watch what happens with Tina in her dual role.