Temples In Raipur

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KaliBadi Durga Mata In Raipur

Banjaari Mata Dham In Raipur

Doodhadhari Monastery and Temple In Raipur

Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple In Raipur

Hanuman Mandir In Baloda Bazar , Raipur

Kuleshwar Temple In Rajim , Raipur

Siddheshwara Temple In Palari , Raipur

Siddheshwara Temple In Palari , Raipur

Shiva Temple In Girod , Raipur This monument is situated at village Girod, 18 kms. from Raipur. This is an east facing temple, which contains mandapam and the sanctum. The door jambs are well ornamented, the upper part or Shikhar portion is decorated with carving of sculptures of Trivikram and Narsinha and in the middle portion the scenes of Ram-Ravan battle, wrestling of Bali-Sugriva and Sita-Haran is visible. This temple was built in 18th–19th cent. A.D. This is good specimen of the temple architecture of Maratha period.

Ancient Brick Temple In Navagaon , Raipur