Buddhist Stupa In Nelakondapalli , Khammam


Buddhist Stupa In Nelakondapalli , Khammam

Nelakondapalli is a historic site encompassed by a mud fortification wall covering nearly 100 acres (0.40 km2). Excavations have unearthed foundations of brick built Viharas, wells, cisterns, a Mahastupa, terracotta figurines, a bronze idol of Buddha, a miniature Stupa carved in limestone, and other materials from the third and fourth centuries. Archaeological sites known as Virataraju Dibba and Keechaka Gundam claiming importance from the days of the Mahabharata are located one mile (1.6 km) from Nelakondapalli. Relics unearthed at these places strengthen the belief that this place was noted as far back as the days of Mahabharata. Nelakondapalli was the birth place of Kancharla Gopanna, popularly known as Bhakta Ramadas. Bhakta Ramadas Memorial Building, which was constructed at the birth place of Sri Bhakths Ramadasu in 1955, renamed as Bhakta Ramadasu Dhyana Mandiram, was handed over to Sri Seeteramachandra Swamy Devastanam, Bhadrachalam, in 1983 for development.

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