Khilla Ghanpur Fort In Mahabubnagar


Khilla Ghanpur Fort In Mahabubnagar

This fort is located about 26 Kms away from Mahaboob Nagar District head quarters. This is a hill fort and was built by joining to mountains by Kakathiya King Gona Ganapa Reddy during the Year A.D. 1224. The King is Son of the famous Ranganatha Ramayana Writer Sri Gona Budda Reddy. The name of Ghanapuram Killa came into existence from the name of Kakatiya Ruler Sri Ganapathi Deva.

In Side the Temple you can see Veerabhadraeswarea Alayam, NarsimhaswamyTemple and ChowdeswariTemple. To protect from enemies the cannons have kept on the upper side of the fort. Inside the fort one can see King's Palace and Ministers Houses. People believe that there are two secret tunnels inside of the fort. One is connected with the village in the bottom of the mountain and another one is connected with the Panagal fort. Historically this is a very important Fort. This fort has witnessed many wars between Bahamanis, Vijayanagara Kings, Bijapur Kings and Qutb Shahi Kings etc.

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