Exclusive Sneak Peek: Tata Safari Unveils Distinctive Audi and Mercedes-Inspired Design
Exclusive Sneak Peek: Tata Safari Unveils Distinctive Audi and Mercedes-Inspired Design

In a staggering revelation, Tata Motors has partially lifted the veil on the newly designed Tata Safari, delineating an integration of aesthetics and functionality with subtle nods to the designs of Audi and Mercedes. The teasers shared on their official social media platforms have ignited conversations and speculations in the automotive community, attributing a tinge of luxury to their latest SUV model.

Paying homage to top-tier automotive design, the new Tata Safari makes an ostentatious entry into the Indian SUV market with its redesigned front and rear ends. The introductory teaser placed a spotlight on a continuous LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) strip traversing the front grille, reminiscent of Mercedes-Benz models like the EQS, infusing a sprinkle of luxe into the robust Tata vehicle.

Significant Enhancements in Safari’s Design

The Mercedes-like LED DRL is not the only feature that draws attention in the latest Tata Safari model. A subsequent teaser gave aficionados a glimpse of the rear-end, exhibiting a connected LED taillight setup inspired significantly by the posh Audi Q8. This incorporation of a globally recognized luxury element underlines Tata’s intention to intertwine utility and a lavish appearance.

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Balancing aesthetic appeal and practicality, the SAFARI badging is adroitly positioned lower in the middle of the tailgate, establishing a symmetrical look, while a faux skid plate adorns the rear bumper. These detailed changes not only provide a fresh visual appeal but also maintain the strong, adventurous image synonymous with the Safari.

Despite the evident alterations in external appearance, under the hood, it’s business as usual for Tata Motors. The powertrain retains its reliability with the Fiat-derived 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine, which pumps out a respectable 168 hp and 350 Nm of torque. This strength is channeled to the front wheels exclusively via a 6-speed manual transmission, though an optional 6-speed torque converter is available for those desiring an automatic experience.

Unveiling Soon, Promising Elevated Experience

Tata Motors has strategically unfolded these sneak peeks to spark intrigue and discussion amongst car enthusiasts and potential buyers. With the Tata Harrier and Safari facelifts opening for bookings starting October 6, 2023, and the launch earmarked for the subsequent week, the anticipation amongst the audience is palpable.

The interweaving of luxurious elements from brands like Audi and Mercedes into the Tata Safari underscores Tata’s aim to provide a high-end experience to its patrons without deviating from its ethos of delivering robust and reliable vehicles. Whether these design augmentations will elevate the Safari’s position in the fiercely competitive SUV market will unravel post-launch.

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The imminent arrival of the new Tata Safari and Harrier with notable design cues from luxury car models sparks an inevitable curiosity: How will the market and existing Tata patrons perceive this amalgamation of robustness and luxury? Only time will tell if this aesthetic evolution marks a pivotal moment in Tata’s design philosophy. Share your thoughts and stay tuned for more updates in the automotive world.

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