To underscore the imperative of helmet donning on two-wheelers, the Uttar Pradesh Police employed a touch of irony. Leveraging an image of Shah Rukh Khan, in his avant-garde avatar from the cinematic venture ‘Jawan,’ their digital platforms broadcasted a wry entreaty. “Regardless of age, prior to mounting a two-wheeler, the helmet’s embrace is quintessential,” interpreted from Hindi. This visual intrigue displayed SRK, his cranium swathed in dressings.

Gaze upon the ingenious digital gesture by the UP Police through their authentic channels.

Such an exposition serves as a poignant reminder. The peril of forsaking a helmet whilst on a two-wheeler? Potential cranial damage. The legislative mandate, encapsulated in Section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, decrees that all two-wheeler voyagers, beyond the tender age of four, cloak their crowns with protective casques. A somber dossier from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) unveiled that nearly 47,000 souls in India met a grim fate in 2021 due to helmet neglect, whilst an alarming 94,000 sustained injuries, stemming from the same oversight.

Amidst a vehicular mishap, involving a two-wheeler operator and a rear-seat companion, the helmet emerges as the paramount safeguard. Serving as a bulwark against cephalic and vertebral distress, helmets proffer an unparalleled shield. Those journeying on two-wheels find themselves palpably more vulnerable than their counterparts ensconced in four-wheelers, bereft of safety amenities like harnesses and inflationary cushions, and devoid of the fortified cocoon that a mechanized quadruped offers against vehicular onslaughts,” elucidated Karuna Raina, Director of Public Policy and Research at the SaveLIFE Foundation, accentuating the helmet’s cardinality.

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Ebharat Auto fervently beseeches its audience: Commit to a distinguished, superior-grade ISI endorsed casque during two-wheeled expeditions. Further, be unwavering in your adherence to vehicular edicts, ensuring the sanctuary of yourself and fellow wayfarers.