Hyundai Venue Breaks Ground with First-in-Class Level 1 ADAS: N Line Adds Manual Transmission Option
Hyundai Venue Breaks Ground with First-in-Class Level 1 ADAS: N Line Adds Manual Transmission Option

The automotive landscape is witnessing a remarkable transformation as Hyundai Motor India Ltd introduces cutting-edge technology to its lineup. The popular Venue sub-4m SUV has now taken a significant step forward by incorporating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), marking a revolutionary leap in safety and convenience. This move comes shortly after the Tata Nexon facelift made waves with its advanced tech offerings, and now the Venue takes the spotlight as the sole contender in the sub-4m SUV category to embrace Level 1 ADAS.

Key Highlights

  • Advanced Safety Revolution: The Hyundai Venue shatters conventions by bringing Level 1 ADAS to the sub-4m SUV segment. This groundbreaking move ensures that safety and assistance technologies are no longer exclusive to premium vehicles.
  • Hyundai SmartSense Suite: The Venue’s transformation is part of the Hyundai SmartSense suite, offering an array of advanced features including Forward Collision Warning, Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist for Car, Pedestrian, and Cyclist, Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Driver Attention Warning, Lane Follow Assist, High Beam Assist, and Leading Vehicle Departure Alert.
  • Exclusive Model Variant: The Hyundai Venue SX (O) stands as the exclusive model variant equipped with the Hyundai SmartSense ADAS features. Priced from Rs 12.44 lakh onwards, it becomes the most accessible vehicle in India to offer these advanced safety technologies.
  • Wide Price Range: The Hyundai Venue lineup caters to diverse preferences with variants priced between Rs 7.77 lakh and Rs 13.48 lakh (ex-showroom), providing options for those seeking affordability and enhanced safety alike.
  • N Line Transformation: Elevating the driving experience, the Hyundai Venue N Line also adopts the impressive ADAS safety suite, exclusive to the top-tier N8 trim level. Furthermore, enthusiasts can now enjoy a manual gearbox option paired with the 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine, adding a touch of excitement to the drive.
  • Enhanced Affordability: With a starting price of Rs 12 lakh (ex-showroom), the Hyundai Venue N Line offers a blend of performance and safety, creating an attractive proposition for discerning consumers.
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A New Era of Safety and Performance

Hyundai’s commitment to innovation is on full display as the Venue ushers in a new era of safety and performance. The infusion of Level 1 ADAS technology and the expansion of transmission options underline Hyundai’s dedication to providing a holistic and enriched driving experience. As the Hyundai Venue showcases its forward-thinking approach, the automotive community eagerly awaits the impact this advancement will have on the broader industry.