In a significant move reinforcing India’s commitment to green energy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Global Biofuel Alliance (GBA) at the 18th G20 summit in Delhi. This pioneering initiative is set to reshape the global energy landscape by promoting the broadened utilization and technological advancement of sustainable biofuels.

Key Highlights:

  • International Collaboration: A total of 19 countries, alongside 12 international organizations, spanning both G20 members and non-members, have endorsed their participation. The alliance sees biofuel giants Brazil, India, and the US at the helm as its founding members.
  • A Boost for the Indian Auto Sector: Facing challenges such as escalating fuel costs and rigorous emission norms, the Indian automobile industry stands to gain significantly from GBA. The Alliance aligns with India’s broader vision of mitigating its fossil fuel dependency and meeting stringent emission standards.
  • India’s Progress in Biofuel Blending: The nation marked a commendable achievement by accomplishing 10% ethanol blending in June 2022, surpassing its target set for November 2022. With an ambitious objective, the government now aims for a 20% blend by 2025.
  • Innovation in Green Mobility: India is steadfast in its journey toward embracing sustainable transport options. This involves promoting electric vehicles, E20 fuel vehicles, and paving the path for hydrogen-powered vehicles. In line with this, the hydrogen-powered Toyota Innova prototype was recently unveiled by Nitin Gadkari, the Minister of Road Transport and Highways.
  • India’s Carbon Neutrality Vision: Spearheading environmental initiatives, India has set its sights on achieving carbon neutrality by 2070. The GBA is anticipated to be a cornerstone in realizing this goal.
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India’s foray into amplifying biofuel adoption on a global scale underlines its proactive approach to address climate change. The inception of the Global Biofuel Alliance at such a prestigious platform as the G20 summit solidifies India’s position as a global leader in sustainable energy initiatives.