Kia India has introduced the all-new X-Line variant of its popular Carens MPV, catering to the discerning Indian market. With prices starting at Rs 18.94 lakh (ex-showroom), the Kia Carens X-Line is set to make a statement in the MPV segment. Let’s dive into the details of this exciting launch.

Variants and Pricing

The Kia Carens X-Line is available in two enticing variants – Petrol 7DT and Diesel 6AT. Both variants offer a 6-seater configuration to provide a premium and spacious driving experience. The Petrol 7DT variant comes with a price tag of Rs 18.94 lakh, while the Diesel 6AT variant is priced slightly higher at Rs 19.44 lakh (both prices, ex-showroom).

Exterior Transformation

Exterior Changes
1 Body Colour Xclusive Matte Graphite   11 Radiator Grille Black Glossy
2 Front Bumper 12 Front Bumper Garnish
3 Shark Fin Antenna 13 Rear Bumper Garnish
4 Spoiler 14 Rear Skid Plate
5 Rear Bumper 15 Roof Rack
6 Outside Door Handle 16 Side Door Garnish
7 Radiator Grille Garnish Chrome 17 Wheel Centre Cap outline
8 DLO 18 Outside Mirror
9 Front Calipers Silver 19 Allows (16″) Dual-tone crystal Cut with Black Glossy outline
10 Logo (Tailgate) X-Line

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One of the standout features of the Carens X-Line is its remarkable exterior transformation. The X-Line variant boasts a unique Xclusive Matte Graphite color option that sets it apart from the rest. The front grille receives a stylish chrome finish, adding a touch of elegance. The silver-colored front calipers enhance the overall aesthetics, while the 16-inch dual-tone alloy wheels, adorned with a black glossy outline, lend a sporty and dynamic look to the vehicle.

Luxurious Interior

Step inside the Carens X-Line, and you’ll be greeted by a luxurious interior that combines dual-tone Black and Splendid Sage Green and Black elements. This interior theme exudes sophistication and class, ensuring a comfortable and visually appealing cabin environment.

Interior Changes
1 Interior Colour theme Splendid Sage Green + Black   11 Seats Splendid Sage Green with Orange Stitching
2 C/PAD Lower Splendid Sage Green 7 Door Armrest
3 Speaker Grille 8 Console Armrest
4 Interior Lamps, OHCL Black 12 Steering Wheel Black with Orange Stitching
5 Roof Lining Sunvisor, Assist Grip 13 Steering Wheel Logo Car Name
6 Trim Pillar 9 Inside Door Handle Silver
10 TGS Knob Cover Stitching Orange

The Carens X-Line also takes entertainment to the next level with its Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) Unit for LH Rear Passengers. This feature includes a range of entertainment options, such as Podcasts, Screen Mirroring, Pinkfong, and various news apps, offering a diverse array of content for passengers to enjoy during their journey. What’s more, this entertainment system can be conveniently controlled through a dedicated remote-control app installed on the user’s smartphone, adding a touch of modern convenience to the ride.

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A Word from Kia India

Myung-sik Sohn, Chief Sales and Business Officer at Kia India, expressed excitement about the launch, saying, “We are seeing a lot of new-age buyers considering distinctive and exclusive products while making purchasing decisions, so we decided to extend this trim to our India Car of The Year – Kia Carens. We already have a growing Carens family of 100,000 customers, and the X-Line will significantly expand it.”

With the introduction of the Kia Carens X-Line, Kia India aims to cater to the evolving preferences of Indian consumers who seek unique and premium offerings in the MPV segment. This latest addition is expected to further solidify Kia’s presence in the Indian automotive market.

In conclusion, the Kia Carens X-Line brings a blend of style, comfort, and entertainment to the MPV segment, making it a compelling choice for Indian buyers looking for something extraordinary in their family car.