In alignment with prevailing market dynamics, Nissan India has just introduced a remarkable all-black iteration of their celebrated Magnite, christened as the Magnite Kuro. This edition boasts a striking ebony aesthetic, encompassing both its exterior and interior facets. Adding to the excitement, Nissan has officially declared the integration of an innovative AMT gearbox, a highly anticipated complement to the 1.0-litre naturally aspirated powerplant.

Since its initial debut, the Nissan Magnite has presented customers with a choice between two gearbox configurations: the conventional 5-speed MT and the optional CVT, primarily offered with the turbo-petrol variant. Interestingly, its sibling, the Renault Kiger, had already extended the option of an AMT gearbox for the 1.0-litre NA petrol engine. Now, Nissan’s Magnite joins the ranks, offering this choice as well.

In regard to the Nissan Magnite Kuro, this distinctive edition is distinguished by its obsidian-hued front grille, alloy wheels, and door handles. The interior showcases an all-encompassing black motif, emanating an air of sophistication. The front fenders proudly bear the Magnite KURO insignia, while the brake calipers sport a vibrant scarlet finish. The question of whether the Magnite Kuro edition will be compatible with all available powertrain configurations remains unanswered at this juncture.

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Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the 1.0-litre NA petrol engine powering the Magnite delivers a formidable 71 horsepower and 96 Newton-meters of peak torque. In contrast, the 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine impressively churns out 99 horsepower and a maximum torque of up to 160 Newton-meters. Precise pricing details for the Nissan Magnite Kuro, as well as the Magnite AMT variant, are still shrouded in secrecy.

Enthusiasts and prospective buyers are encouraged to keep a vigilant eye on TOI Auto for the forthcoming announcements regarding the pricing of the Nissan Magnite AMT and the coveted Magnite Kuro Edition.