ToneTag Introduces Hassle-Free Payments for Fuel & FasTag

In an era of digital innovation, ToneTag is paving the way for future payments by introducing its ‘pay by car’ system. With support from giants like Amazon and Mastercard, ToneTag is transforming how car owners refuel and recharge their FasTag balances.

Key Features:

  • Unified Payments Interface (UPI): Link UPI with your car’s infotainment system for seamless payments.
  • Real-time Notifications: As soon as you drive into a fuel station, your car’s infotainment system recognizes the fuel dispenser number, and a soundbox alerts the staff of your arrival.
  • Hands-free Transactions: Input the announced amount through the soundbox to complete your online transaction without ever touching your smartphone.
  • Integrated FasTag Recharge: Check and recharge your FasTag balance directly through your car’s infotainment display.

How ToneTag is Shaping the Future of Payments:

The collaboration between ToneTag, MG Hector, and Bharat Petroleum showcases this novel technology, simplifying payments for all. But it doesn’t end here. ToneTag has previously made waves by developing an offline voice-based payment system under RBI’s sandbox, catering to those new to digital applications. Their recent venture? A partnership with NPCI, introducing conversational UPI payments at the Global Fintech Fest.

Founded by innovators Vivek K Singh and Kumar Abhishek in 2013, ToneTag claims the title of the world’s most extensive audio-based solutions provider, boasting both software and hardware services.

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The ‘pay by car’ initiative is just a glimpse of how our everyday activities, like refueling our cars, are becoming more technologically integrated. With ToneTag leading the charge, the possibilities seem endless.