In a groundbreaking move, the renowned Japanese automaker, Toyota, has unveiled its latest innovation – the Hydrogen-powered Toyota Hilux pick-up truck in the United Kingdom. This announcement comes after Toyota’s pledge, nine months ago, to embark on the development of a hydrogen fuel cell-powered Hilux. The project, funded by the government and realized through the Advanced Propulsion Centre, reached a significant milestone with the official unveiling at Toyota’s manufacturing plant in Derby, UK. However, this extraordinary hydrogen-powered pick-up truck remains in its prototype stage, and only a limited edition of 10 units will be manufactured for rigorous performance and feasibility studies.

Revolutionizing Green Transportation

The Toyota Hilux FCEV incorporates the cutting-edge powertrain technology seen in the acclaimed Toyota Mirai sedan. It boasts three high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks, demonstrating Toyota’s commitment to sustainable transportation. The remarkable achievement is the truck’s remarkable range of up to 590 km on a single hydrogen fill-up. Furthermore, the electricity generated is efficiently stored in battery packs thoughtfully located in the truck’s spacious loading deck.

Collaborative Innovation

This visionary project witnessed the collaboration of several leading companies to bring the hydrogen-powered Hilux to life. Ricardo, a prominent engineering firm, played a pivotal role in seamlessly integrating the fuel cell components into the truck’s robust chassis. D2H Advanced Technology conducted comprehensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, ensuring optimal performance. Thatcham Research has been diligently working on validating repairability and creating an FCEV training package, setting new standards for safety and maintenance.

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The Hilux Experience in India

Shifting gears to India, the Hilux is making waves with its powerful 2.8-litre, turbocharged diesel engine, generating an impressive 201 hp of power and 420 Nm of torque in manual transmission, and a staggering 500 Nm in automatic transmission. The Indian market has the privilege of choosing between two distinct variants – STD and High. The STD variant exclusively offers a manual gearbox, while the High variant provides the flexibility of both manual and automatic transmission options. Across all variants, the Hilux comes standard with 4×4 capabilities and a low-range gearbox. With a competitive price range starting from Rs 30.40 lakh and extending up to 37.9 lakh (both prices Ex-showroom), the Hilux is setting a new benchmark for value and performance in its segment.

In Conclusion

Toyota’s unveiling of the Hydrogen-powered Toyota Hilux pick-up truck is a monumental step towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions. With its remarkable range, collaborative innovation, and a powerful presence in the Indian market, Toyota continues to lead the way in shaping the future of automotive technology.