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Sr noNameMeaningGender
1 Gagan sky, heaven Male
2 Gaganvihari one who stays in heaven Male
3 Gajanan one with elephant face Male
4 Gajanand Lord Ganesh Male
5 Gajendra the king of elephants Male
6 Ganapati Lord Ganesh Male
7 Ganaraj lord of the clan Male
8 Gandharva celestial musician Male
9 Gandhik fragant Male
10 Ganesh son of Lord Shiva and Parvati Male
11 Gangadhar Shiva Male
12 Gangadutt gift of Ganga Male
13 Gangesh Lord Shiva Male
14 Gangeya of the Ganga Male
15 Gangol a precious Male
16 Gaurang fair complexioned Male
17 Gaurav honour, pride, respect Male
18 Gaurinath Lord Shiva Male
19 Gautam Lord Buddha Male
20 Geet excellent Male
21 Ghanashyam Lord Krishna Male
22 Giri mountain Male
23 Giridari Lord Krishna Male
24 Giridhar Lord Krishna Male
25 Giridhar one who holds mountain Male
26 Girik Lord Shiva Male
27 Girilal Lord Shiva Male
28 Girindra Lord Shiva Male
29 Giriraj lord of mountain Male
30 Girish Lord Shiva Male
31 Gokul a place where Lord Krishna was brought up Male
32 Gopal Lord Krishna, protector of cows Male
33 Gopan protection Male
34 Gopesh Lord Krishna Male
35 Gopichand name of a king Male
36 Gorakh cowherd Male
37 Gourishankar Mount Everest Male
38 Govind cowherd Male
39 Govinda Lord Krishna Male
40 Gudakesha the archer Arjuna Male
41 Gulab rose Male
42 Gulfam the colour Male
43 Gulzar gardener Male
44 Gulzarilal name of Lord Krishna Male
45 Gumwant virtuous Male
46 Gunaratna jewel of virtue Male
47 Gunjan buzzing of a bee Male
48 Gupil a secret Male
49 Gurbachan promise of the guru Male
50 Gurcharan feet of the guru Male
51 Gurdayal compassionate guru Male
52 Gurdeep light of the teacher Male
53 Gurmeet friend of the guru Male
54 Gurnam name of the guru Male
55 Gurpreet love of the teacher Male
56 Gursharan refuge at the guru Male
57 Guru teacher, master or priest Male
58 Gurudas servant of the guru Male
59 Gurudutt gift of the guru Male
60 Gyan knowledge Male
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