History of Arwal

Arwal district is having historical importance as the famous Sanskrit Poet Baan Bhatt and the writer of the biography of King Harshvardhana, the book named ‘Harsh Charit’ was born in village Banshi Suryapur in Arwal District.

It is believed that the poet Baan Bhatt, worshiped Budhwa Mahadev Madir (the old Shiv temple) which was erected by himself. It is a commonly believed that Baan Bhatt used to visit Devkund, which is situated 6 miles south west away from village Banshi. In Devkund there is a lord Shiv temple which is also famous.

Village Banshi Suryapur is situated on the right bank of “Aadi Ganga Punah Punah” now known as River Punpun. It is believed that the last ‘Pind Daan’ for the salvation of soal is performed in river Punpun. If a man offers Tarpan / Pind Daan in river Punpun, then there is no need to offer a Pind daan or any holi ritual anywhere else. Even a simple bath in river Punpun is pretty enough for salvation of soal. Punpun river is older than river Ganga that’s why Punpun is said Aadi Ganga (Aadi Ganga Punah Punah).

>Village Pantit is another famous place in Arwal district as the leg print of Lord Vishnu is situated at Pantit. At Pantit Lord Vishnu had put his leg in His Vamana Avtar. Lord Vishnu begged from King Bali three steps of land.The first leg step was put at Pantit in Arwal distrct, the second leg step having in the sky and the third one on the head of King Bali at his request as there was nothing left for the third leg step of lord Vishnu as Vaman.

In ancient India knowledge spread verbally through the word of mouth from the teacher to the disciple, hence it was called Shruti. But with the discovery of scripts, written records gradually replaced the verbal transmission of thought.

It seems that the Chinese were the first to make paper, from where the technology went to Samarkand. From there it eventually reached India. Soon the Indian paper was being exported to West Asia, Europe and Turkey.

Bihar had two major papermaking centres in medieval times. First was Arwal town and second was Bihar Sharif.

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