Floating Stones of Rameshwaram

Floating Stones of Rameshwaram

Rameshwaram is a place filled with scenic beauty. Be it the wild sea, the natural beauty, floating stones, the greenery or the temples. The atmosphere of Rameshwaram is filled with peace. No heavy traffic on roads, no chaos. You will find knee length dhoti-clad south Indian’s travelling from one place to another. You will see white and red kumkum tilak on their forehead and they really look great with that tilak. You can find lots of coconut and banana trees here. People carry large heaps of coconuts at the back of their bicycle and it seems they are comfortable doing that. It is their daily routine and they are habituated carrying coconuts to local markets for selling. The people staying here has a strong build up.

Rameshwaram Bridge

Ram Setu Bridge

We saw the train passing through the bridge present in the sea. we saw the Ram Setu bridge which was build by Lord Rama from India to Sri Lanka to free Sita Mata from Ravana. You cannot see the bridge from naked eyes. You can only see sea water and splashing sea waves. You can have a clearer view in Nasa Images posted online. We were happy to see the place. The atmosphere is cool and calm. The climate in Rameshwaram is hot and humid throughout the year. You will sweat a lot and it will taste very salty due to the environment. Wear light comfortable cotton clothes so that you enjoy your travel.

Lord Rama Bridge

Floating Rocks

Our Taxi driver halted at a place and it looked like a small temple. He told us that this place is very significant and attracts lots of tourists due to the miracle stone or floating stones. Rameshwaram is the only place where you can find floating stones. According to ancient mythology, these floating stones were used for building Ram Setu bridge by Lord Rama on his way to Lanka. The Vanar Sena would just write the name of Lord Rama on the stone and the stone would start floating in the water. Though it is scientifically proven that no stone can float on water but these floating stones defies all rules of science and gravity. The chemical ingredients of the floating stones are the same as normal stone but then also they float on water. We found lots of floating stones in the premises of the temple. We even tried lifting one of them. It was so heavy that we could not lift it. There was a place which was caged and you could only have a view of it from the outside. It was a big water tank made of cement which was filled with water. The water was filled with floating stones. I could not just believe my eyes. In the first time of my life, I was having a view of stones actually floating at the top of the water.

Rameshwaram Rock

I was dumb stuck and could not even utter a word. My mouths were open and it took some time for me to accept the truth and reality behind floating stones of Rameshwaram. I had read a lot about floating stones online on various websites but this was the first time I was face to face with reality. I was happy and had a big satisfied feeling that my purpose to visit Rameshwaram was achieved.
It is all divine power. Stones floating on water and scientists can’t prove why? and you can see the actual truth in front of your own eyes. I can define this as God’s presence and nothing else. If you believe in God then you have to believe in his miracles. The floating stones are the real miracle stones on earth so that you can have a proof of Godly presence on earth. Visit Rameshwaram and do not forget to see the floating stones. It’s the sight of a lifetime.

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