Kolambi Maa

Kolambi Maa Temple at Bhandara

Kolambi Maa Temple at Bhandara

Kolambi Maa Temple is located at Bhandara. The driving distance from Nagpur and Kolambi Maa Temple, Bhandara is 70 – 80 Kms approximately. We went to the Kolambi temple from Nagpur by our own car. The road is pretty good. You will not have to face road bumps. In your journey, you can have sight of beautiful green land with farmers growing different crops. Though it is very difficult to find long stretches of greenery in Nagpur but since we visited the temple in the month of January, the cold weather was calm on the plants. Nagpur district is hottest during summers. The temperature during May end reaches 50-degree centigrade. The green landscapes soothe your eyes and I would say winters are the best time to visit places near Nagpur.

The traffic on the road is ok. You will not have to drive at a very slow pace. You can drive your car at a pretty good speed. The horns from nearby vehicles like cars, trucks, motorcycles etc will distract you but you can maintain your own rhythm by being engrossed in the beauty of the environment. Have a cool and calm mind since that will help you in connecting with Goddess. We took help of Google Maps to help us reach Kolambi Maa Temple at Bhandara. You can install Google Maps Application on your phone. A lady will speak and will tell turn right, turn left with specific Kms. You will really enjoy the journey. You can slow down your car and consult nearby people and ask for directions. That way you know that you will reach the place on time. Locals should always be reached for directions because they will help you with shortcuts and will even guide you about the type of road you are heading towards. You should have faith on your gadget but you should also apply your brain. Awareness in important when you are travelling to an unknown place. Reach out to nearby locals and take help when needed.

Stairs of Mandir

Burning Fire

We faced some direction problems and consulted a nearby person sitting in his verandah. He showed us the right direction. We reached the Kolambi Maa Temple through a dusty road though there was a tar road but we took a different route. The scenic beauty of the temple is simply great. You have to climb lots of stairs to reach the Kolambi Mata Temple located at the top of the mountain. There is a small lake located near the temple and it adds on to the beauty of the place. You will have a feeling of peace just by standing at the place. We climbed the stairs and reached the main temple. Lots of ladies were doing puja of Kolambi Maa. The statue of Kolambi Maa is very different. You will not get to see such idols everywhere. I was very much touched by the eyes of the Goddess. I still remember those calm big eyes of Goddess Kolambi. I prayed to God along with my husband and went outside the temple.

Ganesh God

Kaal Bhaironath Mandir

Lord Shiva

The temple is located on a mountain. You can have a mountain view of the nearby place at Kolambi. You will be fascinated by the beauty of the place. We sat outside the temple. The cold winds brought peace and harmony to the mind. You can find a big photograph of Lord Ganesh hung on the entrance wall of the mandir. I still have a memoir of Ganesh God photograph. We climbed down the stairs and went towards the lake. When we reached near the lake we found there were stairs from where you could put your legs in the water. People were doing boating. There is no lifeguard jacket and it is the locals who look after the boating so if you are someone who does not know swimming, my suggestion is please avoid boating. We did not do boating. We spend pretty good time there near the lake.

Lake Kolambi Temple

After spending some time we left the place. You can find nearby restaurants which serve food. The quality of food is not up to the mark so my suggestion is you carry foodstuffs for eating or else come to Nagpur and have your food.
It was a nice experience doing Kolambi Goddess darshan. I still remember eyes of Kolambi Maa looking at me and guiding me in achieving my goals. It is a good place to visit for someone who is looking for peace.

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