Semrsot Sanctuary

Semrsot Sanctuary

Semersot sanctuary – 58 km on Ambikapur-Ramanujganj road Its range starts from the distance. Water in Sandur, SemarSot, Chetan and Sasu rivers flows in this sanctuary. The river Semersot flows in most of the reservoir. Hence its name was Semersot. Semersot reservoir is often covered with bamboo forests.Its area is 430.36 sq km. is. To make this sanctuary beautiful, the trees, trees, trees, years, sarai, mango, and tindu are helpful. In the wildlife, in the wild animals, leopards, gaur, Nilgai, chital, sambhar, kotra, son dog, jackal and bear can be seen in a whimsical way.This sanctuary is open for tourists from November to June. Inspection house has been constructed for night-time. In the sanctuary, the Wing Tower has been constructed by the Forest Department, so that tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature.

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