Baba Bhairav Nath

Baba Bhairav Nath

Baba Bhairav ​​Nath Ji sits in the legendary city of Ratanpur in Chhattisgarh as Adishakti Mahamaya Kaumari Shaktipeeth, the temple of his guard Bhairav ​​Nath at the entrance. This temple is famous from the Siddha Tantra Peeth Sri Kal Bhairav ​​Temple. It is on the right hand side in Bilaspur Ratanpur road. Thousands of devotees come to see Bhairav ​​and fulfill the desired wish. The divine and magnificent temple of Mahamaya Devi, about 1000 years old, is worth visiting. It was built by King Ratnadeva I in the 11th century.This idol was first seated on the open platform, later the temple was built by Baba Gyanagiri Gosai. No one has any information about when the idol in the temple is there. It is believed that when the right skand of Sati fell here, it would have been established only to become the idol protector of Bhairav. After visiting here, the darshan of the virgin Shaktipeeth is considered complete.The idol installed in this temple is 10 feet in height, which is in the form of raudra. This raudra form is for the wicked and for the protection of their devotees. There are different arms in 20 arms and the statue is decorated with many decorations. The auditorium here is small and narrow. It is a symbol that here in ancient times Siddha yogis must have come to do tantric practice.

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