Shiva temple Jagannathpur

September 9, 2019 shiva 0

Shiva Temple Jagannathpur – About 12 km from Balod district, the very old Shiva temple of about 12th century, which is situated in a high […]

Ganesh Temple

September 9, 2019 shiva 0

Ganesh Temple, Balod – A huge statue of about 6 feet out of the lap of nature (geology), on which the faithful believe it is […]

Jaleshwar Mahadev Temple

September 9, 2019 shiva 0

Jaleshwar Mahadev “Dasoundi Talab” – Jaleshwar Mahadev Dasoundi Talab, located in Ganjpara, Balod Nagar, is a religious faith center where people come and worship the […]

Mungai Mata Temple

September 6, 2019 shiva 0

The famous temple of Mugai Mata is located near the village of Bawankera at a distance of just 35 km from the district headquarters and […]

Kankali Mata Temple

August 28, 2019 shiva 0

Kankali Mata Balod. The devotees have their faith in the Skeleton temple established in village Kaneri of Gurur block in the district. It is said […]

Hathnikala Temple

August 23, 2019 shiva 0

Hathnikala Devi site is on continuous progress in the form of tourism, religious belief and reverence centers. The tree plant and the front pond surrounded […]

Tandula Dam

May 9, 2019 shiva 0

Tandula dam  is located 5 km from Balod in Durg districtThe dam site is beautiful with great view of large water body. The water to […]

Siya Devi Temple

May 9, 2019 shiva 0

SiyaDevi Temple is in Balod district of Chhattisgarh. This place is famous for Sita Maiya’s temple, situated in the heart of greenery of natural jungle. […]

Ganga Maiya Temple

May 9, 2019 shiva 0

The history of Ganga Maiya Temple goes like this: Once a fisherman catching fish in the pond near the village encountered an idol that got […]