Benganga WaterFalls

The origin of the river Banganga is in the middle of the mountain range at the east-south angle of Jamira village of Samaripat on the Kusami-Samri road. A Shivling is also established here in the group of Sal trees. Forest dwellers call it Sarna and consider this place to be revered. Sarna is the origin of a water body in the lower part of the grove. This water moving towards the south takes the shape of a waterfall between the huge rocks of the hill.Dense forests, full of natural beauty, crossing the rocks, the stream of Benganga flows towards Srikot. On the Ganga Dashahara, the nearby villagers gather and perform the night awakening after worshiping Sarna Dev and Devadhidev Mahadev. This place full of natural splendor is the center of tourist attraction.

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