Bhoomi Bhod Hanuman


Bhoomi Bhod Hanuman Bhoomifod Bajrangbali – It is clear from the name that the idol of Hanuman ji, which rises from day to day, is increasing day by day, which is now about eight feet. Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman Temple located in village Kamraud of Gundardehi development block of Balod district is quite famous, people from far and wide bring their vows here and take blessings from Lord Hanuman to complete it.The villagers sitting under the banyan tree near the temple told that this temple is about 400 years old, a farmer in the village was running plow in his field but he was getting broken by running plow in same place, one day that farmer On seeing the God in his dream, he also established his life as a temple by setting up the Hanuman Mandir that came out of the ground on the field there.His life was fulfilled by the lord’s honor, but slowly the villagers around him also became pranas, and even today people go from far away to fulfill their vow. It is also very beautiful to see a magnificent temple established in a very beautiful place, to reach here you have to travel 18 kilometers to Kamraud on the Balod-Arjunda road.

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