Boirdih dam dallirajhra


Boerdih Dam, situated about 11 kilometers on the main route from the city to Mahamaya Mines, is attracting nature lovers towards its beauty. People are reaching in large numbers to see the beautiful view of Dame. If this dam of BSP is developed as a tourist area then the number of tourists can increase significantly.

Boirdih Dam was built in 1972: Boerdih Dam used to come for picnics a decade ago till the city and surrounding area including Durg, Bhilai, Raipur, Rajnandgaon, Balod, Dhamtari. This dam remains unbroken in all seasons. But later tourists were reduced due to the ban. But now people are reaching again.

The Boerdyh dam was constructed in 1971-72 with the purpose of drinking water in the washing units of the Dalli plant and in the quarters of the township. BSP constructed this hill surrounded by a 35 meter high and 200 meter long ridge. After the construction of this dam surrounded by hills and forests, it is full in all seasons. High officials of the then BSP had explored the possibility of tourism in the region. It was later converted into a picnic spot by planting various flowers at the bottom of the dam.

Island Hotspots: This island, with an area of ​​about 403.600 RWL Water Label, was the center of many island’s main attractions. Wild animals such as hyena, leopard, jackal, deer, bear, reindeer, come to the banks of this dam and quench their thirst. Which people reach to see.

Ban on picnic since 2001: After the dead body of BSP junior manager was found underwater in this dam in 2001, the dam was closed by the management for use as a picnic spot. The BSP also put a board restricting entry into this area by fencing chain link.Since then, people in this area have been deprived of going for picnics. Now again people are coming to this place to have a picnic with family. Apart from the surroundings at Boirdih Dame during the New Year and Diwali, the tourists of Durg, Bhilai also arrive here every year for a picnic.

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