Here Chandrahasini Devi temple is situated on the bank of Mahanadi. A very big fate is being organized here every year on the eve of Navratri.It is also famous as a tourist place. People from other state like Orissa are also visiting this place. Day by day it is becoming a big place for holy as well as tourist place.

Chandrapur, surrounded by Mahanadi and Mand river, is about 32 km from Raigad in Janjgir-Champa district. And 22 km from Sarangarh Is located at a distance. Here is the dwelling of Chandrasena Devi and there is a temple of Mata Nathdai on a few distances (about 1.5km) which falls under the borders of Raigad district.

It is said that once Chandrasena was away from the land of Sarguja and Udaipur and Raigad Chandrapur came to the banks of the Mahanadi. Impressed by the holy cold stream of Mahanadi, they started resting here. Even after years have passed, his sleep does not open. Once the ride of Rajbhar of Sambalpur passed from here, and unknowingly, his feet fell to Chandrasena Devi and his sleep was opened. Then one day in the dream, Goddess instructed them to construct the temple here and set up the statue.

In ancient texts, the mention of temple construction and goddess establishment is found by King Chandra of Sambalpur.

Because of the nature of the Goddess Chandrahas, they are also called “Chandrahasini Devi”. He handed over the burden of this temple to the landowner here. The landowner accepted his Kuldev and started worshiping him. Today, the religious figures of goddesses, goddesses, heroic images of Veer Bajrang Bali and Ardhanarishvar, all-rounded gatherings of Sarv Dharma Sabha and four Dhams are the center of attraction for people around the hill.

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