Dalpat Sagar, Jagdalpur

Dalpat Sagar, Jagdalpur

A few minutes walk from Dalpat Sagar Jagdalpur Palace. Spread over 350 hectares. It is the largest artificial lake in Chhattisgarh, which was excavated by Raja Dalpat Rao at over 400 years of age.

Bastar village is located 16 km across the Indravati river from Jagdalpur. The village has an interesting Shiva template.

The new Bastar village is about a centigrade old. To the north of Ekataguda lies Jaitagiri. Gudi has the most impressive collection of brass images in the region. A few km part of Ekataguda is Bodhra village. Molly in Bodhra is a partially destroyed but imitated image of The Earth Mother, often identified with Danteshwari Devi.

Neerboring Kurushpal has projected the image of a Jain Tirthankara. This 13th-century image is given a silver seas and a silver belt, which is embedded in local mythology, it is known as Aya Dokri.

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