Dholkal Ganesh

Dholkal Ganesh Dantewada

Dholkal Ganesh is a beautiful spot located 3000 feet high in the Bailadila Mountain ranges in District Dantewada. A 3 Feet beautiful stone idol of Lord Ganesha believed to be made during the Naga dynasty between 10th and 11th centuries is the main attraction of the site. Located 13 KMs from the district HQ Dantewada, this spot is the heaven for nature lovers, and for those who love to trek amidst lush green hillocks.

Situated on the hilltop at a height of 3000 feet, mystery of the Ganesha idol in Dholkal is yet to be resolved. During the time of Naga dynasty, the idol was established on the hilltop. Furthermore, the idol is said to last from the 11th century. The idol is 3 feet in length, with beautiful carvings on it. These carvings are rare to find for the region. The granite idol attracts a lot of seekers. It remained unknown for many centuries until recently it has been found by an archaeologist in September 2012 in the dense forest ranges of Bailadila in Dantewada Chhattisgarh.

Reaching Dholkal is quite difficult as one has to cover a trek amidst dense forests with a guide. Man-size anthills, huge climbers, hanging branches of the large trees that act as natural swings for adventure-seekers are some of the eye-catching elements on the trek. With thousands of archaeological and historical secrets hidden in its torso, this place is of scenic beauty.

Nearby, one finds the remains of an ancient temple. Now, boulders hold some of the remnants of the Surya Temple. The Surya Temple and its mysterious history continue to amaze the visitors.

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