Ganesh Temple Bhanupratappur

Ganesh Temple Bhanupratappur

Sambalpur 100 year old Ganesh temple remains the center of faith. Devotees believe that the wishes of every devotee who reach the door of Bappa are fulfilled. That is why every Tuesday of the week, Ganesh is offered Chola.

Apart from this, a large number of devotees reach Raipur, Bastar, Dhamtari and other districts along with it. Ganesh has a deep attachment to Hanuman as he is worshiped on Tuesday. This is why Bappa is here in the Kumkum range. Every day, Pandits themselves prepare food for Lord Ganesha.

Story of temple

There is also an interesting story of installing a statue in the temple. On inquiring about the history of the temple, pundits said that a pundit saw the idol floating in a pond in the summer capital of Kanker Rajwada. After this it was decided to bring the Ganesh statue to Sambalpur.

The work of bringing the statue from bullock cart and Sambalpur began. Since this statue was small, the weight of seven bulls was broken to bring it. It was like this, the temple was built and brought to Sambalpur.

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