Ganga Maiya Temple

Ganga Maiya Temple Balod

The history of Ganga Maiya Temple goes like this: Once a fisherman catching fish in the pond near the village encountered an idol that got caught in the net, along with the fish. However hard he tried to immerse the idol in water sifting it from his net, it just remained stuck inside. Frustrated, he went home. That very same night, a tribal villager, Gond had a dream about “I am being ignored by fishermen and take me out and get installed”. Taking this as a sermon from the goddess, Gond, the tribal went to the pond the next morning and retrieving the idol, installed it in a “kuccha” hut, near the village. As it was brought from water, hence the idol was named Ganga Maiya.
Initially it was renovated by Shri Bhikam Chand Tawri and a fresh temple-shape was given. After this, the whole reconstruction process begun and is now the premiere place bustling with activities. The trust takes care of the temple and other multitasking, like cultural activities and problem solving of the villagers. Medical camps are arranged from time to time to serve the poor people; free medicines are distributed. The darshan timings of Ganga Mailya temple are: Morning: 6am to 12 am. and from Afternoon 1 pm to 9 pm.

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