Green Cave

Green Cave

A cave called Hari Cave has been discovered on the hill amidst the jungles, about 7 km from Kutumsar Cave in the Kanger Valley of Jagdalpur. The Lahum Stone present in the first chamber of the cave has green leaves. Hence it has been named as Green Cave. There are other chambers on the right and left after entering the cave.
Kutumsar and the people living around it consider the Staglegatite inside this cave to be a deity.
Pooja is conducted by the villagers here once a year. This cave has not yet been opened to the general tourists.The reason behind this cave being green is that the cave scientists believe that in the first room of this cave amidst the dense forests, the sunlight is exposed on the moisture-rich stones of stalagite hanging from the roofs and algae grow on the damp, rocks. . And due to these algae, the cave looks green.

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