Handawada Waterfall

Handawada Waterfall

Handawada Waterfall situated near the Barsoor region of Bijapur is known to be the highest waterfall of Chhattisgarh. The waterfall is formed due to the Goyedhar Tunnel emerging out from the hills. One can easily trek up to the falls from the Barsoor village passing through the Indravati River. One can enjoy this exotic beauty during monsoons, but these waterfall is advised to customers the falls during post monsoon as in summer there would be no water and in monsoons the falls becomes denser so the beat time to visit the falls is during post monsoon.

Handawada Waterfall is considered as the highest waterfall of Chhattisgarh. It is in a very dense forest area. From the last village, there is a trek of 5km to reach the waterfall.

Barsoor in Dantewada district, Bastar block is considered as the southern gateway of Abujhmarh. Situated on NH-16, 20 kms away from Geedam, a path leads to Handawada from river Indravati near Barsoor. As this path is through meadows, the waterfall is accessible by vehicles only during January-May. Officially, movement of people starts after 20th January.

It is the highest waterfall in the Bastar region. The Goyedhar runnel emerging through the hills makes this wonderful waterfall. Locals refer to it as “Godher Ghumar” or “Goyedhar Ghumar”.

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