Jai Kosgai Dai, Korba

Jai Kosgai Dai, Korba

The first such goddess of the state, where the white flag is offered in place of red. This 500 year old temple has a unique confluence of devotion, strength and ancient beauty. Its importance increases even more on Navratri. The Kosagai Devi Temple, one of the 52 Shaktipeeths, holds a distinct identity for three reasons. The first is that the goddess is considered a symbol of peace, so instead of red flags like other temples, white flags are offered here at the goddess.

Secondly, this temple does not have a roof, people have to come here throughout the year. But on the occasion of Navaratri, people arrive at the court of the Goddess with their love and faith and the request here is fulfilled. Although many people are unable to reach even after wishing due to inauspicious paths, but crowds of devotees reach here on Navratri as well. The third feature here is its natural beauty. After watching, people cannot live without seeing it.

On the occasion of Navaratri at the Devi temple in Kosagai, crowds of devotees throng to see the goddess. Chhattisgarh is one of the 36 strongholds. Whose historical vision matters a lot. It is located at a height of 200 feet from the hill amidst the rugged-rugged forests six miles east of Kosaiagar Chaudli near the Hasdev River near Churari in village Khataghora in Khataghora development block. Where the idol of Goddess Kosagai Devi is installed. Above the tekri is a stone fort, known as the Kosigad Fort.

This fort of Kosagai is one of the four types of forts mentioned in the Arthashastra of Kautilya, Parvatigiri Fort. Here the hill is cut straight from all four sides. But now only his remains are left. Its specialty is that no enemy could enter the fort by any route other than this one. The fort is built between the 12th and 16th centuries. Which was made during the elongation of the chestnut.487 years before this fort, the Haihayavanshi king of Ratanpur defeated the Pathans. After which, King Vahindra hid his treasure in the Kosagai mountain under the Churari Zamindari.


At Kosagai, Virajad Devi is associated with 52 Shakti Peethas, according to religious belief, when the invitation to Shiva was not sent by King Daksha during the yagna ceremony, Mata Sati came to his house. But unable to bear the insult of her husband, she jumped into the Havan Kund and gave her life. When Shivaji came to know about this, he sent a warrior named Veer Bhadra and demolished King Daksha’s Yaksha.After that, Sati’s upper body started telling about the body. The gods urged Vishnu to put an end to this mistrust of Shiva, and Vishnu ji, with the effect of his chakra, made 52 pieces of Sati’s body which fell at various places. A piece of it also fell on the Kosgaon mountain.

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