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Jaleshwar Mahadev “Dasoundi Talab” – Jaleshwar Mahadev Dasoundi Talab, located in Ganjpara, Balod Nagar, is a religious faith center where people come and worship the giant Shivalinga.It is a center of faith where people chant Om Namah Shivaya as well as Om Namah Shivaay also writes, it is an experience that people come and sit here and there is a different kind of faith in them.Along with the giant Shivling, it has been recognized for a long time that a skin disease like ringworm itching is cured by bathing in the water of Dasaundi pond at one time and even today people come here to cure their diseases.

Feeling of kindred pleasure

The Shiva Linga, situated in the middle of the Dashaudi Talab, has become a major center of faith for thousands of people today. Actually this place has a different system. There is a chamber around the pond here. With the aim of devotional experience, not words of experience, devotees in these rooms come and write the Om Namah Shivaya Mantra in the pages kept here throughout the year as per their convenience. The series continues from 4 July 2012.In which there are many devotees who have been coming here since early times and are writing mantras. In this, children, women and men are allowed to write mantras.

People come with great devotion and start writing mantras. It was told that 19 crore 97 lakh 90 thousand 132 mantras have been written so far. It is the sixth consecration ceremony of Mantar Arpan, a Pushyavardhan festival, about these mantras. Which is done by the nine Vedic pandits with special worship. In which everyone, apart from those who write mantras here, gets an opportunity to participate in this event. If people agree, then by coming here and writing mantras, they get comforted and have the feeling of kindred happiness.

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