Kabra Cave


Raigad district is bordered by the state of Odisha from north-east to south-east. Its northern region is covered with ravines, forests, hills. The southern part of it is typical plains. Adivasis could not build houses like today. They lived in naturally built caves to avoid weather and wild animals. The same floors are called Shailashraya (house of pieces).

The Adimavans used to paint whatever they saw at that time in the caves, which are called rock paintings. Chhattisgarh has also been a place of residence and habitat for the Adivasis during the heyday of the human civilization of the historical period. Shabashray is an archaeological site of Kabra mountain. 8 km from Raigad In the east the village is located in the hill near Vishwanathpali and Bhadrapali. At that time, this mountain is inaccessible surrounded by thick shrubs, trees, the images of Kabra Shailasraya are also painted in deep red chalk, ocher color.It has turtle, horse and deer figures. It is in this style that the district’s largest known hitherto known wild animal painting of wild buffalo means that these animals were found more at that time.

The beauty of illustration in the paintings of Kabra Shailasraya is said to be better than all other rock paintings in the district. Along with this, the tools of the Middle Paleolithic long-paneled, crescent-shaped miniature stone were found near the painted rock shelters. Which used to be used by dipping stones in human etc. for digging or hunting. Archaeologists consider the Middle Stone Age as between 9 thousand BC and 4 thousand BC.It was during this period that primitive Mawan learned to domesticate animals. The wheel is considered to be the major invention of the Neolithic period. The river valleys have been the best human shelter. And this area comes in the Mahanadi Valley.

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