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Kankeshwari Temple

September 12, 2019 shiva 0

The history of the historic Gadiya mountain associated with the city of Kanker is 700 years old. There are many religious places on the mountain. […]

Shiv Temple Kanker

September 12, 2019 shiva 0

Shiva Temple: At one end of the Sonai Rupai pond are ancient Shiva temples. The oldest idol of historical importance is kept in that temple. […]

Jogi Cave

September 11, 2019 shiva 0

Jogi Cave: The history of the historic Gadiya mountain associated with the city is 700 years old. Dharmadev used to be the fort of Kandra […]

Gadiya Mountain

September 10, 2019 shiva 0

When you are out there exploring Chhattisgarh, you simply cannot miss the highest mountain of Kanker which is the Gadiya Mountain. The mountain served as […]

Kherkatta Dam

September 5, 2019 shiva 0

The Kherkatta reservoir, also known as the Pakhanjore reservoir, is a man-made lake about 12 km (7.5 mi) north of Pakhanjur in Chhattisgarh, India. It […]

Kanker Palace

August 30, 2019 shiva 0

The Royal Palace Kanker is a small but magnificent palace situated in the exceptionally beautiful and green surroundings of Kanker. Kanker is a district headquarter […]

Chare Mare Waterfall

May 13, 2019 shiva 0

CHARE MARE WATERFALLChare-Mare waterfall is the adornment of Northern Bastar. On NH-43, 70 kms away from Jagdalpur, at Kondagaon or from District Headquarter Kanker to […]

Malajkudum Waterfall

May 13, 2019 shiva 0

In northern Bastar, close-at-hand Kanker district headquarter, it is an enormously ravishing waterfall. 18 kms away from Kanker district headquarter, one reaches Malaajkudam. The helicoidal […]

Shivani Temple

May 8, 2019 ebharat 0

This temple is situated in Kanker city. This temple is called Shivani Maa temple. The statue of goddess is excellent. According to a myth this […]