Karali Mahadev Temple

Karli Mahadev Temple is located in Samalur of Geedam block in Dantewada district. The temple dates back to the 11th century. The Central Archaeological Department has declared it a protected monument.

According to young Om Soni, an archaeologist of the region, this temple was built by his wife Maharani Somal Mahadevi during the reign (1069 to 1109) of Chhindak Nagavanshi ruler Someshwar Dev.

Built in Utkal style, the structure of this temple resembles the Mama-Bhanja temple of Barsoor and the Vishnu temple of Narayanpal.
On the lines of Narayanpal and Mama-Bhanja temple, this temple also has a garbhagriha and ardhamandapa. The special thing about the Shivling of this temple is that its Shivling is west facing, while in Shivar, most of the Shivling is east facing.

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