Akumari stream waterfall

September 12, 2019 shiva 0

Akuri Nala, also known as natural air conditioner in Korea district. Akuri Nala in Koriya district is a natural waterfall located 65 kilometers from Baikunthpur […]

Nilkanth WaterFalls

September 6, 2019 shiva 0

Neelkanth Falls is surrounded by dense forest under ‘Guru Ghasidas National Park’ in the state of Chhattisgarh. Water falls from a height of about 100 […]

chirmiri hill station

August 28, 2019 shiva 0

chirmiri hill station Chirmiri is a beautiful hill station in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh, which is known for its lush green landscape. This […]

Ramdaha WaterFall

August 20, 2019 shiva 0

This is a very beautiful waterfall on the river Banas which is situated under Bharatpur janpad panchayat. During the month of December and January many […]

Jagannath Temple Pondi

August 20, 2019 shiva 0

It is located in Gram panchayat of  Pondi under Khadgava Janpad Panchayat . This temple belongs to Utkal society and  a form of the Puri […]

Gaurghat Waterfall

August 20, 2019 shiva 0

This waterfall situated on Hasdeo river that is away 33 kilometers from the district headquarters of Korea. Photo Gallery

Amritdhara Waterfall

August 20, 2019 shiva 0

This beautiful waterfall is located on the National Highway 43 and 8 kilometers away from Nagpur Gram Panchayat, it is a beautiful view of the […]