Kuleshwar Mahadev Temple

Kuleshwar Mahadev Temple, Rajim

Dev Mahadev of Brahma, Brahma, Vishnu, Shankar also created the Trinity, Trichokinath, the owner of the three locos, the trikaldarshi who knows the three poles.
The Supreme Father of all the souls of the world is Shiva. He is unborn, unsuitable, abhokta, indestructible. He is a resident of Param Dham, which we call Shantidham, Nirman Dham, Baikuntha, Bramhalok. God Shiva is brighter than thousands of suns.It is not possible to see them with this gross eyes. They can be realized with them, they are the ocean of purity, we cannot connect with them without becoming holy. When the soul takes a vow of purity and meditates with that omnipotent being, then he starts feeling with his powers. With the same faith.

The famous temple of Kuleshwar Mahadev is located at Triveni Sangam in Rajim. It is counted in many ancient temples. It is believed that the Shiva lingam here was established by Mata Sita with her own hands and Ram Lakshmana Sita, along with the three, worshiped the deity of the Gods on the same, due to which the place was worshiped as the ultimate pilgrimage here. Shiva’s devotees come to Baba’s court.

The biggest crowd here is seen on Mahashivaratri, it is said that on this day, Baba is pleased with the mere offering of water and gives the boon he wants. Due to this, there is a crowd of millions. Baba cheers up the entire river bank is trembling. Which is worth seeing. Devotees come from far and wide to offer Baba water in Sawan Somwari.In Triveni Sangam, no matter how much water flowed during the rainy days. But the devotees do not stop to offer prayers to Baba and some go to worship Baba by boat. It shows that unbroken reverence of people can be seen over Baba.

According to Longo, there is a secret deity built in this temple which originates in the ashram of Rishi Lomash nearby. It has an exit route. And one route originates in the Rajiv Lochan temple complex.

A huge fair is organized here every year on Mahashivaratri.

Due to Triveni Sangam, the shaving of the children below this temple complex is done here. The structure of this temple and the foundation of the temple are very strong.

In spite of the severe flood, this temple is not able to stop the hair of this temple. Many ancient sculptures are kept in the verandah of the main temple and this temple is situated in the cantonment of the huge Pipal. By putting the coins on the Shivling, the coin goes in and the sound of the 6 comes out. Which is a miracle in itself.

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