Maa AngaarMoti

Maa AngaarMoti

Maa AngaarMoti Vanadevi Maa Angaramoti was the daughter of the supremely sage Angira, whose ashram is in Ghathula near Sihawa. The temple of Goddess Mata is presently situated on the banks of Gangrel Dam. Mother has established her seat under the open sky. There are two places in the district.The statue of Mata Angaramoti is installed at two places in the district. Mata’s foot is set in Gangrel, while Mata’s torso is enshrined in Rudrirod Sitakund. Priests of Angaramoti temple at Sitakund, Jagdish Ram Netam, ward resident Khubchand Gupta, Rajaram Sahu said that the torso was found trapped in a fishermen’s net in a nearby pond, after the fishermen considered it a minor stone and put it back in the pond. Then a person from the village came to the mother’s dream that she should be taken out of the pond and set under a nearby tree.This mother was established again with the cooperation of the villagers. The original temple of Mata is situated at the holy confluence of the Sukha River on the border of Vanagram Chavar, Butrell, Korma and Kokki. Mother is the presiding goddess of 52 villages.According to the priest, his ancestors had told him that in Dhapchawar village of Bastar, Mata was possessed by a thief who was stolen by a thief. When the leg was in Gangrel, the torso came to Sitakund. A thief stealing the idol was also killed. Jagdish told that 20 years ago, the statue of Angaramoti Mata was built and installed here. Mother is also accompanied by a lion, which is seen by some. There is also a snake around the mother, which is seen by many people of Sitakund.Apart from Angaramoti Mata, Sheetla Mata, Danteshwari Mata, Bhairav ​​Baba are installed in the temple. On the day the drunken is organized in Gangrel, on that day it also fills the shanty.Mata Angaramoti also fulfills the wishes of the suffering. It is believed that the devotee who binds coconut here with devotion fulfills his wishes. Not only this, the physical suffering of many devotees has also gone away. In both the Navratras, devotees celebrate Jyot Jalwata.Apart from the city, devotees from Durg, Raipur, Kanker and other districts visit Jyot Jalwa here. This year, in the Chaitra Navratra, the Jyoti light of 36 devotees is happening here.

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