Maa Garajaidham Temple

There is a mountain that thunders on its own amidst the dense forests of Madanpur, 15 km from the Gariaband district. There is such a stone here that when heard, the sweet sound of a bell is heard, as well as money is attached to the stones. Many such mysterious things are seen and heard here. Due to these people also consider it a center of faith and like every year, Jyot Jawara has been organized here this year too.There is a huge crowd of people. At the same time, the locals here consider the roaring of the mountain as a divine power. Goddess Maa Garjai is also seated in the mountain here.

Geographers say about Maa Garjidham that from a scientific point of view these are granite rocks. The reason for the sound of bells on the stones is that the space under the stones is empty due to which the voice is making. At the same time, the coin said that sticking in the stones, the coins are made of paramegenit material. The rocks here are paramagnetic so this is happening.

Two km from Madanpur is the Garjai mountain amidst dense forests, lush green valleys and picturesque hills. There are seven village boundaries under the mountain. Residents of this place have been listening to the roar of the mountain for years. At the same time, the priest here says that the Garjai mountain has been thundering for years, due to which it is known as Garjai Mata Pahar. Scientists from Australia have also arrived three years ago to research the roar of the Garjai mountain.

Garjai mountain is surrounded by lush green valleys. The mysterious things of the mountain have become a center of attraction for the people. There is incredible and unique power in the Garjai mountain. Mother is sitting in the mountain and people know this mountain by the name of Garjai mountain. There is another rock on this mountain, which people know by the name of Sonai Rupai Mata. The coin sticks to this rock.

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