Malangir waterfall

Malangir waterfall

There are many places in Dantewada which are worth seeing tourist spots, but we are really ignorant of such areas. The only names which we know are those which are found out years ago and no one are found recently. But hang on guys!! Yeah, there are some areas which are ideal for tourism and had been discovered recently. One such destination of Bailadila is Malangir Waterfall.

Malangir Waterfall is located in the kuwakonda block of Dantewara district. From Kirandul, this exotic place is just 7 kms away in the Kirandul-Essar road. Just before reaching Essar plant, there is one unmetalled road(Kachcha road) on the right hand side to village Nilavaya, which after walking a mile distance leads to this marvel which is called “Malangir Waterfall”.

The best time to see this waterfall is the season from the end of rainy season to the mid of summers i.e. from mid of October to March. In the rainy season, it displays its most rapid, thrilling and beautiful form, but the width of fall decreases at the time of summers.

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