Mama Bhanja Temple- Barsoor


This temple is very beautiful and adhibhadh. But due to lack of proper maintenance, it is in a shabby state, yet this temple is better than the nearby temple, due to which the credit goes to the archaeological department of India, due to which the present generation is taking advantage of this ancient temple.

Special type of sandstone has been used to build this Mama Bhanja temple. Most of the temples of Chhattisgarh like Narayana temple of Khallari, Phanikeshwar Nath temple of Fingeshwar, Bhoramdev temple, Vishnu temple of Janjgir etc. The structure of the temple looks the same. This temple is quite high.

Artistic rock paintings are engraved on the walls of this temple. Which still shows the art of art at that time. A little below the top of the temple – there are two sculptors’ maternal uncle and nephew’s statue. There are other temples on this temple complex, all are now in fractal condition. Looking at the rest, only two ancient Ganesha idols are left.

Maternal uncle nephew history

By the way, this maternal uncle Bhanja Madir is mainly Shiva temple. But behind the name Karan of this temple, the amazing story kidwanti is heard.

According to the local residents and some history, it is told that the immediate King of that time used to be a supreme Shiva devotee and to build such a unique Shiva temple for his true faith in Shiva and to please God and public welfare. Dreamed of which should be constructed in just one day, so that the fame of the king spread in all directions, as well as the name of his family. Completing called two famous architects of their state

(According to the local residents, the craftsman car was not a common man, he was a god sent from Devlok or Yaksha Gandharva. Some people describe both as descendants of Dev Shilpi Vishwakarma. But there is no evidence of all this.)

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