Mana Tuta Science-Park

Mana Tuta Science-Park

About 108 years ago, Swami Vivekananda had said that if we want to survive, we have to build a scientific nation. Swamiji had said this at a time when modern science was in its infancy and at that time he had realized the great need and importance of science for national development. The contribution of science is very important not only for national development but for the development of the entire human civilization and therefore it is necessary to educate students by instilling interest in science from the beginning. This science education becomes more effective and useful when environment and daily Knowledge of scientific facts contained in the activities should be made interesting to the students in sports and games. Keeping the above things in mind, the Madhya Pradesh Science and Technology Council has planned to set up a science garden to learn and teach science in sports and to provide useful scientific facts in daily life.

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