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The famous temple of Mugai Mata is located near the village of Bawankera at a distance of just 35 km from the district headquarters and 6 km from Patewa on the main highway N H 53. Which is next to the main road. The temple of Mata Rani is situated atop the Uchi hill. Mata Rani is the Viraj Mana inside the small cave. The temple of Mata Rani is surrounded by dense forests and Uche Mountains. The atmosphere there is quite delightful, in which devotees come in large quantities to the court of Mother.Mother’s siren settles in the Surat Mana temple. Travelers passing on the way here often depart from there only after seeing the mother.

Mugai Maa is considered as the form of Durga Mata. The mother is also worshiped as the dream goddess. That is why here, in both the Navratri of the year, the light of light is lit, the whole new day resonates with the service of the mother, in which unwavering devotion towards the mother can be seen. In Navaratri, a huge crowd can be seen on Saptami, Aath, Navami. Here, climbing the top of the mountain and seeing the surrounding views is a different experience. Greenery is seen all around.

Temple Design – First of all one gets entrance of Mata. After that there are grand visions of the mother below. After that, Bhole Baba is seen in the form of half Nariswar form, there are many small temples around it, after that, after climbing the mountain again, the darshan of the mother is inside a small cave, on which the flame of the room A creepy cave is found nearby, in which there is evidence of being a wild animal, on that huge mountain, the statue of two Hanuman ji is seen as guard of the mother.In front of the temple of Mata, a lion is built as the protector of the mother, then on the way to the top of the mountain, the temple of Mata Mughesbari Mata is established.

Special: – Here, bears of Ghanchapali silver goods come here in the evening to take prasad in the court of Mother. Whom devotees feed coconut, prasad, etc. with their hands to the bear. In this village, the alias festival is celebrated with great pomp, in which a fair is organized. In which people of all religions join it. The feeling of unity and brotherhood is easily seen in the people here.

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