Mutte Khadka Waterfall

Mutte Khadka Waterfall

In order to arrive at Mutte Khadka waterfall, a road leads amidst NH-43 at Jagdalpur, to Bahigaon. This road leads from Bedma, Dhanora to Aamabeda. 2 kms away from village Rajpur Aalegaon, the enticing waterfall can be seen. A trail starts from the village to the great heights of hills, locals refer to it as ‘kuye mari dongri’. This waterfall is located on a hill that is 400 m above sea level. On the upper side, rightwards, a runnel falls straight from a height of 80 ft. The rocks are wider downwards, so the waterfall also gets wider and it falls from the height of 400 ft constantly.

According to the locals, a woman is invoked as ‘mutte’ and ‘khadka’ means flow, in Gondi language. So this waterfall is cited as ‘Mutte Khadka Ghumar’.

The best time to visit this waterfall is after the rainy season, from September to January.

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