Patai Mata Temple


Patai Mata Temple is just 30 kilometers away from the village-Patai (Ptewa) Mahasamund District Headquarters, just 6 kilometers from Patewa Road National Highway. The temple of Mata is situated atop the mountain and a staircase is built to climb the mountain. The grand form of Mother is Adabhud. Due to which people easily come to the court of mother. Patai Mata is considered as the form of Durga Mata.

This place is full of natural beauty and is surrounded by greenery and is surrounded by a huge mountain. Here, in the court of Mother, the mind gets the experience of ultimate peace. Therefore, along with humans, animals and birds also come to the court of the mother, many small temples are built on top of the mountain, here every year in both Navratri, the light of light is lit by the devotees. They come from far and wide to attend the court. Mother fulfills the wishes of all devotees.

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