Pateshwar Dham Daundilohara

Pateshwar Dham Daundilohara

Pateshwar Dham Balod is Pateshwar Dham, 21 km from Dundilohara Block Headquarters. The construction of 108 feet temple of the state is going on since 29 January 2005. The red colored stone of Banshi Paharpur in Rajasthan is being used in the temple. Sant Ram Balak Das Mahatagi said that the construction of the temple will cost 25 crores. So far more than eight crore rupees have been spent. After the construction of the first floor is completed, the work of the second phase is going on. The temple has a statue of Panchmukhi Hanuman.

108 idols will be installed in the temple, 44 have been installed: Ashtavastu, Panchkanya, Yakshagandharva, in the walls inside the temple, you will find sculptures of 108 Hindu deities. So far, 44 idols have been installed in the first floor. In addition to the Sarva Samaj, idols of the Hindu gurus of the country. The origin in the temple will be that a 51 kg bell will be found in the entrance and the bureaucracy hangs in the air. It will not depend on anyone’s support.

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