Phoolpad Waterfall

Phoolpad Water fall

Phoolpad – On NH-16, 16kms away from Dantewada, a road diverges to Sukma. On the way to Bailadila from Jagdalpur, a road diverges to Sukma and forms a triangular shape. In this way, leading forward through Palnaar, 5kms ahead Aranpur valley starts. A mountainous river originates through these valleys from Bailadila hills.

A village named ‘Aranpur’ is situated at Aranpur valley, 2kms away from there, this river forms a wonderful waterfall. The height of this waterfall is approx. 100-150ft.Villagers from the nearby villages refer to it as ‘tandhul’. Visiting this waterfall between November to February would make the trip even more adventurous.

Until recently accessible only to the local crowd, Phoolpad waterfall is a sight to behold. This waterfall is formed by a mountaineous river that originates through Aranpur valley from Bailadila hills in the southerm part of Dantewada district.The height of this waterfall is approximately .225ft .Villagers from the nearby area also refer it as ‘Phoolpad Tandhul’ or ‘Indul Jharna’. Reaching this waterfall is an adventure in itself as it is situated in the interior area. The waterfall can be viewed from two sides– from the top as well as from the bottom – both ways involve a series of stairs. Visiting the waterfall from the top (less stairs) gives a birds eye view of the surrounding valley and immense greenery, whereas, visiting the waterfall from the bottom (more stairs) will give an uninterrupted view of the entire waterfall. The magnificence of this waterfall can be experienced especially after monsoon and between November to February.

Recently, the District Administration has also started river/waterfall rappling for the adventurous souls to enjoy the beauty of this waterfall up close and in a fun way.

How to Reach: Phoolpad is 40 km from Dantewada city, and6 km ahead of Paalnaar, the cashless village in Dantewada district, on the way to Sukma. It can be reached through private vehicles only.

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