Rabo Dam


To meet the water requirement for the 1000 MW Thermal Jindal Power Plant, this Rabo Dam has been constructed about 25 km on the Kurk River.

One can see good sunset behind the mountain range at Rabo Dam. From the Ram waterfall, it is about 20 km journey and usually takes 30-40 minutes. There is a narrow road through the forest. This is the shortest route to the dam. It is a 30-minute route. The village road outside the forest is joined by the river.

It is similar to another dam. It is not as vast as Maithon or Panchat Dam in West Bengal. The catchment area is not large. But the natural beauty of this place is amazing.

Some important facts about Rabo Dam:

Total Area: 783 sq km
Submerged area: 681 o॰
Top Level of Dam: RL 261.50 m

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