Railway Station Bilaspur

Railway Station Bilaspur

Railway Station Bilaspur was the first passenger train in the world started in 1825 and India started in 1853, while the first train came in Chhattisgarh, Rajnandgaon in 1882.The “Nagpur Chhattisgarh Railway” line of 1000mm meter gauge, extending through Nagpur via Tumsar – Gondia to Rajnandgaon. The line from Nagpur to Tumsar started on 6 July 1880, and connecting all the stations, the line was completed on 16 February 1882 to Rajnandgaon. In this way, before Raipur and Bilaspur, there was a train arrival in Rajnandgaon of the state. The same Bilaspur and Raipur Railways came into existence when the “Nagpur Chhattisgarh Railway” was acquired by the “Bengal Nagpur Railway” in 1887.The “Bengal Nagpur Railway” extended from Nagpur Maharashtra to Asansol Bengal, and this railway line formed two important railway stations of Chhattisgarh, one Raipur and one Bilaspur. When the Nagpur Chhattisgarh Railway was taken over by the Bengal Nagpur Railway in 1888, the 1000mm meter gauge line was also converted into a 1676mm broad gauge line.The Rajnandgaon-Raipur railway division came into existence on 04 December 1888, the Raipur-Bilaspur railway section on 14 February 1889, and the Bilaspur-Raigad railway section on 10 February 1890. The main line from Nagpur to Asansol was started on 1 February 1891.After the independence of India, in 1955 Bengal was separated from Nagpur Railway to form the South Eastern Railway Zone, headquartered in Calcutta, and in April 2003 two new railway zones were formed from the South Eastern Railway zone, one of which is “South East Central Railway ”headquartered in Bilaspur Chhattisgarh.

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