Bhand Dewal Temple

September 17, 2019 shiva 0

Bhand Dewal Temple, dating from the mediaeval period, has a distinguished style of Jain architecture. This dilapidated Jain temple is situated at Arang in Raipur […]

Railway Station, Raipur

September 14, 2019 shiva 0

Raipur Junction is the main railway station of Raipur city. It is one of only a few railway stations in India, which has been given […]

Gandhi Udyan Park

September 14, 2019 shiva 0

Gandhi Udyan Park is located in the heart of the Raipur city which extends till the famous Bhagat Singh Chowk. With a lot of natural […]

Budheshwar Temple

September 10, 2019 shiva 0

Buddhaeshwar Temple, Raipur, ancient temple of Lord Shiva. Some stories are after the name related to Buddha pond and Lord Shiva, hence the name of […]

Mahakoshal Art Gallery

September 4, 2019 shiva 0

A rare heritage property is the Mahakoshal Art Gallery. This art gallery showcases all the artifacts of the local people, the building also hosts several […]

Sri Jagannath Temple

August 31, 2019 shiva 0

The Jagannath Temple of Gayatri Nagar is the only temple in Chhattisgarh where Lord Jagannath’s Rath Yatra begins by the Chhattisgarh Chief (Governor and Chief […]

Jagannath Temple Turi Hatri

August 31, 2019 shiva 0

The Turi Hatri is located opposite the Jagannath Temple in Maithil Para. Started 150 years ago, this market was operated by girls only. Talking about […]

Nehru Art Gallery

August 31, 2019 shiva 0

The Nehru Art Files is located in the center of Bhilai. It is located in the Civic Center, with windows built in the very old […]