Rajnandgaon railway station

September 17, 2019 shiva 0

The Nagpur Chhattisgarh Railway began construction of the 240 km (149 mi) Nagpur-Rajnandon section in 1878 after the survey began in 1878. The Nagpur-USER road […]

International Hockey Stadium

September 9, 2019 shiva 0

The International Hockey Stadium is a hockey stadium located in Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh. The stadium is Chhattisgarh’s first international Astroturf Hockey Stadium, spread over an area […]

Archaeological Museum

August 31, 2019 shiva 0

Archaeological Association formed in Rajnandgaon district was established on 31/08/1977, whose registration number is 44, dated 07/08/1980. Archaeological institutions formed in the state is a […]

Shiv Temple Ghatiyari

August 29, 2019 shiva 0

Shiv Temple Ghatiyari remains architecturally only the establishment and sanctum sanctorum. This temple was built in the 11-12th century. Photo Gallery

Choti Maa Bamleshwari

August 28, 2019 shiva 0

Choti Maa Bamleshwari is two thousand years old, the history of this temple is fulfilled by mere sightings The history of Virajit Dongargarh’s mother Bamleshwari […]

Narmada Kund

August 28, 2019 shiva 0

There is a long list of stories and beliefs in the public about the pilgrimage on the Rajnandgaon-Kawardha road, 66 km from the district headquarters. […]

Mandeep Cave

August 28, 2019 shiva 0

On the Kawardha road, the stony path of the forest via Gandai to Pallimeta and then Thakurtola. Thousands of devotees arrive every year on the […]

Pragya Giri

August 27, 2019 shiva 0

Pragya Giri is at Dongargarh, Rajnandgaon district, Chhattisgarh, India. It is on a hilltop of 1000 feet. This is a Buddha vihara with a big […]

Shiv Temple

August 24, 2019 shiva 0

Shiva Temple is built in the eastern horizon . This temple is of high quality in terms of architectural art. This temple was constructed in […]